Comverge reaffirms its intention to aggressively pursue Greenfield opportunities to deliver FTTH networks.

In the wake of ongoing uncertainty over the future of NBNCo FTTH deployments in Greenfields, Comverge has announced that it will actively re-engage with Developers to promote their expertise and capabilities in designing, building and managing advanced fibre optic networks.

Comverge is a licensed telecommunications carrier and boasts many years of experience as one of Australia’s first companies to deploy high-speed broadband over HFC and all fibre networks. Throughout Australia numerous residential communities already enjoy the benefits of a FTTH and HFC solution with ongoing Managed Services by Comverge.

Comverge continues to offer greater network flexibility for Greenfield residents. In addition to carrier services and high-speed broadband, Comverge delivers enhanced solutions that provide over the top services such as access control, CCTV, environmental management and entertainment. These services are not provided by the NBNCo network. Comverge’s approach to building advanced broadband systems is to maximise network utilisation for an enhanced customer experience.

Peter Saglietti, Director of Comverge, reiterated, “there is a successful history behind the company – one of which offers a wealth of experience and capabilities that help Developers choose the right technology solution to meet the growing expectations of residents moving into a new Greenfield estate. Developers should be encouraged to engage with private sector suppliers as they can offer complete turn-key solutions that deliver the widest possible range of services.”

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